Conservation Areas

This year we were contacted by the NCSU Agriculture Foundation and asked to consider  accepting deeds of conservation for a collection of conserved lands around the Mayfair shopping center. After conducting a rapid assessment of the properties, we determined the  liability and complex management challenges they pose make these sites unsuitable for us to  take-on. We will continue working with the Ag Foundation to advise them with management  recommendations. 

On the boiler-plate side of things, we are progressing with baseline documentation of our conservation areas, which includes on the ground surveys to observe natural features and  evidence of human impacts. We are glad to report the natural features of our properties  remain intact and continue to provide beneficial ecosystem services. Unfortunately, we  continue to find new evidence of vegetative and other debris dumping, including blue plastic  bags containing dog waste. Please be aware that dumping debris, whether yard waste or  animal feces, is not desired in our conservation areas.