Landfall Lake

Several Landfall residents have expressed their concern about Upper Lake’s (next to  Horseshoe Lake) appearance, notably the seemingly low water level. Discussions were  recently held with the Corps of Engineers to ask about raising the lake’s water level some six  to eight inches above its current static level.

The Corps deferred to the NC Department of  Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) for approval since the lake is considered a stormwater  control measure (SCM), and integral part of Landfall’s stormwater infrastructure. NCDEQ was  contacted and indicated the permit holder (Landfall) will need to make an application for  permit modification with an engineered solution to the issues raised about the water  level. NCDEQ will then conduct a review and if acceptable, will issue a permit modification  with the new outfall changes and elevations approved.

Unfortunately, this will require hiring  an engineering company to provide a surface water survey and revised calculations for  stormwater capacity. Because the Lake belongs to Landfall, this issue must be brought to Landfall’s Council of Associations for consideration, especially pertaining to funding this  effort. 

Landfall’s ponds and lakes provide valuable habitat for migratory waterfowl, including these ring-necked ducks  (center), young mallards (top), and pied-billed grebes (bottom) seen in Landfall Lake.