Osprey Platforms

Four osprey platforms, originally built more than a decade ago, were replaced this year in the North Marsh Conservation Area. The platforms, located behind the north end of Figure Eight Island, were in disrepair and no longer suitable for Osprey nesting. This replacement project, implemented by ANDY WOOD & ASSOCIATES, LLC, with construction logistics provided… Continue reading Osprey Platforms

Land Donation

The Conservancy owned .151 acres around the Landfall administration and maintenance office.  The maintenance department is in need of more space so we negotiated a land trade.  This trade takes the small piece we own around the building and gives it to Landfall.  In trade, a 39.91 acre tract is given to us! This piece… Continue reading Land Donation

Conservation Education

Building awareness about the Conservancy’s easement areas is an objective to meet our goal of protecting the areas we steward. Last spring the Conservancy and Landfall jointly sponsored a guided trek around the Landfall Lake Conservation Area. More than two dozen Landfall residents and guests joined the tour, led by Andy Wood, with birding help… Continue reading Conservation Education