A Note From the NENHC President

I hope this note finds you safe and healthy and that you enjoyed some outdoor time this year.  

We are grateful to our donors and appreciate your continued support of our singular work to protect the last best pieces of New Hanover County’s natural heritage for future generations to benefit from and enjoy.  Below are notes about the Conservancy’s achievements and work.

  • Ongoing work to monitor, manage, and protect this coastal region’s most precious assets: natural habitats and the plants, wildlife, and ecosystem services they protect in return. 
  • Andy Wood, our habitat manager, regularly shares observations about our on-the-ground work, and great information about the flora and fauna in our conservation areas. 
  • NENHC’s stewardship area encompasses some thirteen thousand acres (20 square miles) within the geographic region framed by US Highway 17 to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Mason Inlet (Wrightsville Beach) to the south, and Scotts Hill to the north.
  • Within this “service area” are tidal marshes, barrier islands, and the watersheds of four tidal creeks—Futch, Pages, Little, and Howe.
  • NENHC is responsible for the management and protection of approximately 1,400 acres, more than 10% of the area in which we operate, owned in fee simple or held with protective conservation easement. 

Thank you for your engagement with NENHC and for your financial donation to support our important work.


Paula Bushardt, NENHC President