Landfall Conservation Areas

The NORTHEAST NEW HANOVER CONSERVANCY (NENHC) may be the smallest land trust you’ve never heard-of, but in truth, other than Landfall Associates, we are the largest single land-owner inside Landfall (more than 100 acres owned in fee simple and more than 420 acres that we protect in accordance with deeds of conservation). The NORTHEAST NEW… Continue reading Landfall Conservation Areas

Nature Trails

NATURE TRAILS Our nature trails within Landfall have suffered from storm damage over the years.  They were originally designed as walking trails but we hope to improve them enough for bicycles.  This will be done in a nature sensitive way without using impervious surfaces. The climate is causing the wetlands to fill more than normal… Continue reading Nature Trails

NENHC Updates

This has been another busy year for the Northeast New Hanover Conservancy!  Florence was not kind to our conservation areas and we are still getting notified of fallen trees near homes that are in conservation areas near residences.  We are fortunate that the adjacent landowners are helping by removing broken trees when it is deemed… Continue reading NENHC Updates