Landfall Nature Trails Update


A winter woodland in Landfall supporting several dozen plant species along with songbirds, turtles, and  amphibians. Note the storm-wrought debris that needs to be removed and mulched to reduce fire risk and  create walkable trail surfaces. 

In recent years, our nature trails, within Landfall especially, have suffered from storm damage  that accompany hurricanes. Several of the larger parcels include walking trails improved with  mulch to create a raised and smooth surface. Most of these parcels include wetland areas  that retain stormwater and in rainy periods some trail sections are saturated or covered with  shallow water. We recognize this is an impediment to casual walking and this past year we  entered in a joint effort with Landfall maintenance to add small wooden bridges across the  wetland areas. 

To ensure compliance with our easement restrictions, we met with the US Army Corps of  Engineers (USACoE) and they are receptive to this method of improving the trails. Proposed  sketches of strategic bridges will be submitted for approval once we secure the proper  funding. In addition to the bridges, we are exploring ways to efficiently clear woody storm  debris, that is both unsightly and unsafe, and grind that material into mulch to place on  accessible foot trails.