Two-lined Salamander in Landfall Preserve

The Two-lined Salamander is a widespread species, but jeopardized by silty water and forest alteration. Landfall’s protected wooded wetlands are this animal’s oases, where they hide and forage among leaves and logs in and around streams and seepages. Tiny insects, mites, and worms are preferred prey. In turn, these amphibians are food for birds, small mammals (and bears), and some snakes. Though small in size, as predator and prey, salamanders move lots of energy through the ecosystem.
Two-lined salamander, Eurycea cirrigera
This is an adult male, about three and a half inches long. It was found 24 October 2016, in the Bedminster Conservation Area. The little nubbins under its nostrils are called cirri; their function is not fully understood, but likely play a role in courtship.