Landfall Lake

Several Landfall residents have expressed their concern about Upper Lake’s (next to  Horseshoe Lake) appearance, notably the seemingly low water level. Discussions were  recently held with the Corps of Engineers to ask about raising the lake’s water level some six  to eight inches above its current static level. The Corps deferred to the NC Department… Continue reading Landfall Lake

Conservation Areas

This year we were contacted by the NCSU Agriculture Foundation and asked to consider  accepting deeds of conservation for a collection of conserved lands around the Mayfair shopping center. After conducting a rapid assessment of the properties, we determined the  liability and complex management challenges they pose make these sites unsuitable for us to  take-on. We… Continue reading Conservation Areas

Landfall Nature Trails Update

NATURE TRAILS  A winter woodland in Landfall supporting several dozen plant species along with songbirds, turtles, and  amphibians. Note the storm-wrought debris that needs to be removed and mulched to reduce fire risk and  create walkable trail surfaces.  In recent years, our nature trails, within Landfall especially, have suffered from storm damage  that accompany hurricanes.… Continue reading Landfall Nature Trails Update

Field Notes by Andy Wood

Andy Wood, NENHC Habitat Manager  As mentioned in the introduction, the Northeast New Hanover Conservancy’s area of interest  is a roughly 20-square mile area of, as our name implies, northeast New Hanover County,  NC. The properties we manage include some of the last best examples of this region’s  natural heritage. For quick orientation, southeast North… Continue reading Field Notes by Andy Wood

Message from the President

I hope this note finds you safe and healthy and that you have enjoyed some outdoor time. The Conservancy is glad we made it through hurricane season with little fanfare, considering  the harms these storms exact on trees growing in our conservation areas.  This newsletter provides quick updates about our ongoing works to monitor, manage,… Continue reading Message from the President

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A CONSERVANCY CONVERSATION By: Andy Wood, Conservation Ecologist A young Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus) surveys a rainpool inside a Northeast New Hanover Conservancy property in the gated Landfall community. This sharp-eyed bird of prey eats mice, frogs, lizards, snakes, and other small animals. Southern Leopard Frog (Lithobates sphenocephala) were on the hawk’s menu this day.… Continue reading A CONSERVANCY CONVERSATION


Landfall Nature Trail Update Our nature trails within Landfall have suffered from storm damage over the years.  They were originally designed as walking trails with vegetative mulch used to create a raised and smooth surface.  The climate is causing the wetlands to fill more than normal so that some of the nature trails have some… Continue reading Untitled

Landfall Conservation Areas

The NORTHEAST NEW HANOVER CONSERVANCY (NENHC) may be the smallest land trust you’ve never heard-of, but in truth, other than Landfall Associates, we are the largest single land-owner inside Landfall (more than 100 acres owned in fee simple and more than 420 acres that we protect in accordance with deeds of conservation). The NORTHEAST NEW… Continue reading Landfall Conservation Areas

Nature Trails

NATURE TRAILS Our nature trails within Landfall have suffered from storm damage over the years.  They were originally designed as walking trails but we hope to improve them enough for bicycles.  This will be done in a nature sensitive way without using impervious surfaces. The climate is causing the wetlands to fill more than normal… Continue reading Nature Trails

NENHC Updates

This has been another busy year for the Northeast New Hanover Conservancy!  Florence was not kind to our conservation areas and we are still getting notified of fallen trees near homes that are in conservation areas near residences.  We are fortunate that the adjacent landowners are helping by removing broken trees when it is deemed… Continue reading NENHC Updates